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Our Mission

“Providing our customers the best conceivable service, selection, quality and value".

About Us

The Mnazi Company Ltd is committed to providing high quality services in Zanzibar and the surrounding communities like Cleaning, Supplying of foodstuff products alongside with cleaning chemicals, Printing and Fumigation etc. Mnazi Company Ltd is headquartered in Kilimani area Zanzibar and has been in this business services since 2013. With this level of experience and over 35 employees, The cleaning Company has the resources to handle customers of any size array, We provide local, trusted service professionals incredibly simple - and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions.

The Mnazi Company Ltd, realizes the key to our success and total customers satisfaction is our consistency. Providing a consistent service ultimately rests with the men and women who are in your facility each day performing the actual cleaning tasks. We provide our employees with the training, proper equipment and supplies they need to perform their duties in the most proficient manner possible. This also means treating those employees with respect and appreciation. By creating a positive work environment, our employees are naturally more inclined to perform at peak levels. Our success is not solely defined by a set of numbers each month, but rather by how satisfied both our employees and customers are.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the two and as a result, every day decisions are based on achieving high marks in both areas. Too often, our industry tries to succeed simply by offering the lowest priced service. In turn, those companies must pay minimum wage. Minimum wage delivers minimum results. Here at The Mnazi Company Ltd we offer wages and benefits well above industry average, thereby attracting exceptional people who provide exceptional service. Therein lays the key to our success.

Our History

Mnazi Company Limited is well established in 2013 as the general company to provide different services such as General Supplying, Cleaning and gardening, printing, fumigation, packing, Decoration as well as General Distributors whereby two founders have sit down and agreed to term it “Mnazi”

Mnazi is the very common Swahili word which definitely means “a coconut tree” in other words the tall palm tree that yields the coconut, which has become naturalized throughout the tropics, The tree is also a source of copra, coir, and other products, we coined this name since the term is very familiar and important to our islands and a whole costal and even around the globe in general, it indeed has a variety of resolves for the benefit of the surrounding society as a whole

At the very beginnin g the company has opened its office in Zanzibar Tanzania at Kilimani area and exclusively started with the services of General Supplying, it has done the said business towards different major companies in Zanzibar by supplying of dry foodstuff combined with non-food chemical products for cleaning accomplishments, this has taken foremost trends especially at its commencement

Going forward, the company had also added the services in pipeline as prescheduled including Cleaning and gardening services which currently act as a major well-known endeavours throughout We also engage ourselves with a lot more service you could demand at their level best achievement as we stick with our vision

“Providing our customers the best conceivable service, selection, quality and value”

Our Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Our passionate, collaborative and straightforward people care about you, your team and your business as if it were their own. We work alongside our clients, building your team’s capabilities every step of the way, while building loyalty across every touchpoint.